The Brixton Team at the House of Lords

This year CHIPS has started our programme of events as we mean to go on, with a drinks reception at the House of Lords on the 14th January, kicking off a year of events celebrating our 50th Anniversary as a peacemaking ministry in areas of conflict and tension around the world.

The 14th January is an Anniversary for CHIPS in its own right. 15 years ago on this very date, CHIPS was at the heart of violence, bloodshed and conflict when a massacre at one of our bases in Lomaratoit, Uganda left our team scattered, and 14 dead.

After such brutality, the road to rehabilitation is long. Roy and the CHIPS team were determined to rebuild the population and set up bases along the border areas - areas that are now home to over 50,000 people. Local authorities there have declared that the peace established by the Uganda team is irreversible. Such a transformation in the face of violence is why we at CHIPS do what we do. On such a date, it really was the perfect time to come together to reflect on what has gone before, and what opportunities for peacemaking lay ahead.

Our 50th Anniversary is therefore a poignant time of remembrance, as well as a time for celebration and thanksgiving, to reflect on the journey that has taken us from the fields of Cyprus to the streets of Brixton. There are many events coming up over the year that we would love to invite all of our supporters to. To keep up to date with the years news and events, why not sign up to the CHIPS newsletter and prayer email, or like us on Facebook and Twitter.

The last 50 years of CHIPS would not have been possible without our amazing supporters. At this time of celebration and thanksgiving, we want to share this time with everyone who has shown an interest in and supported CHIPS.