The team at CHIPS HQ in Nakpayili

Over the past year the Ghana team have been taking some practical projects that they had developed in Nakpayili out to the surrounding villages and communities. There has been real progress in building relationships between Konkombas and Nanumbas through this consistent contact. Whilst there continue to be outbreaks of violence and ethnic tension in nearby Bimbilla, in recent weeks the curfew was reviewed and reduced because of  a reduction in hostility between the groups. 

Developing sanitation facilities continues to be a big project for the team, with more communities coming together to build safe and sustainable soak aways, toilets and rubbish disposal units. 

The project is now being replicated in three new villages. This is an amazing opportunity to engage new groups with CHIPS vision of peacemaking. People working together on the project are engaging with one another and the team have been very encouraged with the positive impact this is having on the community.

The team has also been working with local widows through animal rearing, teaching them how to profit from rearing goats, sheep, chickens and other animals. Typically an isolated group, the project has given the widows a weekly opportunity to work with women in similar situations, to support their children financially, and to learn more about their neigbours.

JB and Timothy treating a goat at the CHIPS base as part of the team's veterinary project

“The animal rearing project has been very successful in reaching out to isolated members of the community. One widow told us that she had never even spoken to someone from the Nanumba tribe, but now they are supporting each other on a weekly basis as they raise and vaccinate their animals. They have supported each other through the successes and failures of raising the animals, at the same time supporting their children financially. It has been a great success in the community.”
- Desmond, Ghana team leader

Food security continues to be a pressing concern for many in the community, where many struggle to afford to properly work the land. The CHIPS team is now supporting three women’s groups to improve their cultivation, and the profit from these successes will then be used to support others struggling to cope with food shortages. We hope that the relationships built as communities support one another will sustain the peace that we are seeing develop there.