Roy Calvocoressi, the CHIPS founder, led the CHIPS team in Cyprus from 1966 to 1972. In his 40 years as Director he initiated and monitored eight long-term CHIPS projects in various parts of the world.
Whilst still practising as a Barrister he became a prison visitor at Wormwood Scrubs and was a founder trustee of the Langley House Trust in 1958. Their continued focus is on the resettlement of offenders and combating homelessness for men and women across England. He is the author of the chapter in “The Second Mile” which traces the changes and developments in Langley over its first 50 years.
Roy became a founder Trustee of Traidcraft in 1979 and was also an original Trustee of Project Vietnam Orphans, now known as CORD, and an original Director of Christian Engineers in Development (CED).
On returning from the CHIPS project in Cyprus in 1972, he became Chairman of Melting Pot, a West Indian project in Brixton. He is now a patron of GRACE, a West Indian project in Tottenham.
He was a member of the Fountain Trust Executive Committee and CMS Overseas Committee and a Trustee of St. Simeon’s Trust, an Orthodox / Catholic project in Oswaldkirk and Ampleforth.
Roy opened his house at 31 Green Street, near Marble Arch in London, to become a meeting point for many Christian organisations and to be a Christian community. He lived in Christian Communities in Cyprus and London for 19 years.
CHIPS was awarded a Cross of Nails from Coventry Cathedral in September 1999. Roy was awarded an OBE in the Golden Jubilee Birthday Honours in June 2002. He is married to Elfrida and they have two grown up children.