We are a catalyst for peacemaking at the grassroots

CHIPS peacemakers live and pray with people in areas of tension, living at the level of the local people. CHIPS team members engage in practical action which makes it easier for the conflicting parties to reconcile themselves with each other.

We are Christian

We believe in one God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. We believe we are required as Christians to put our faith in God into action by loving our neighbour. We believe Jesus Christ is the ultimate peacemaker in dying on the cross to reconcile man to God and man to man, and we base our approach on regular study of Jesus' ministry.

We demonstrate reconciliation through our way of life

CHIPS teams include people who belong to both sides of the conflict and demonstrate peace themselves as they live, work and pray together, and in how they resolve conflicts within the team.

We welcome and work with everyone

CHIPS welcomes and works with everyone, regardless of colour, race, ethnicity, gender, nationality, religion, or disability. We do not discriminate. We seek to build peace between peoples whether the conflict is ethnic, religious, economic or of any other cause.



Since 1964, CHIPS has developed a distinctive style of grassroots peacemaking in which a team lives at the level of the local people in an area of tension. Once they are integrated into the local area, they undertake practical projects which foster positive interaction, increase trust and reduce enmity between opposing groups or individuals. As a Christian Peace organisation, CHIPS is inspired by the person and teaching of Jesus who taught and embodied a way of peace and called followers to do likewise. CHIPS recognises that political solutions are important, but without the engagement of individuals and communities, real and lasting peace may be difficult to sustain. 

Since 1984 CHIPS has had projects in Cyprus, the Philippines, Northern Ireland and Brixton (London). Click here to see an interactive map of what these projects involved. Today, there are teams in London, Uganda and Ghana.


The Organisation

CHIPS is a member of the Coventry Cathedral Community of the Cross of Nails. 

CHIPS Founder: Roy Calvocoressi (1930-2012), former Barrister, who founded CHIPS in 1964 and to whom CHIPS owes its unique vision and inspiration. More details here.

Responsibility and oversight for the work of CHIPS is carried by three trustees:

Chair: Elfrida Calvocoressi, a former senior nurse, has worked with CHIPS since 1974 and, for 21 years, was also a trustee of the Langley House Trust, which enables ex-offenders to live crime-free. A regular lay preacher, she remains a passionate student of bible study and in 2015 wrote A Spirituality of Peacemaking, outlining CHIPS’ distinctive biblical, practical, grassroots approach to peacemaking.

Jessica Davieshas over twenty years of experience working in the charitable sector, primarily encouraging and equipping churches across London to engage in communities beyond themselves through practical means. 

Eric Read, engineer and farmer, former CHIPS team member in Uganda and the Philippines, after serving with CMS together with his wife and family in Lubumbashi, D R Congo, is now with CMS in the Philippines.

Director: Paul Maxwell-Rose. Contact Paul